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Sunpie RGB Headlights, Fog Lights, Rock Lights Switch Wire

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  • This switch wire is compatible with all Sunpie RGB or RGBW lights, such as headlights, fog lights, and rock lights.
  • The function of the switch wire: No matter what type of RGB/RGBW light from Sunpie, it normally consists of three parts: the light, the controller, and the remote/APP. The controller involves wiring, which usually has two cases:One is to connect to the ACC of the vehicle, which does not require the purchase of an extension wire separately. The other is that the ACC cannot be connected or does not know how to connect the ACC and is directly wired to the positive and negative terminals of the vehicle battery, this wiring will cause the controller to be turned off incompletely, even if the lights are turned off, the RGB halo will still be on. The switch wire plays the role of completely turning off the power.
  • How to use the switch wire? Connect the controller's power interface directly to the switch wire, and then connect the switch wire directly to the positive and negative terminals of the vehicle's battery. The switch wire is long enough to extend the switch to the driver's compartment.

Customer Reviews

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Cyndi Welge
Perfect fit

The part was a perfect fit. It took a while to get but fit perfect. I wish the shipping was faster.