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Sunpie B-Type Jeep Gladiator JT Front & Rear Bumpers Combo

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Front Bumper:

  • [Package Volume and Weight]:Front Bumper Volume:72.8X13.4X13.4(inches) Weight:99lbs
  • This Jeep Wrangler front bumper with license plate bracket is the perfect solution for those who have replaced their bumper and need a way to mount their license plate. The bracket is easy to install and can be adjusted to fit any size license plate.
  • With two-color decorative grid, The default installation is red decorative grid , and there is black decorative grid in the package.
  • [Easy Installation]:Designed to be a direct bolt-on bumper using just basic hand tools, so there is no drilling or cutting required for installation
  • Front bumpers have two 4.75-ton high-strength D-ring mounting seats welded into the bumper. A total of 2x4.75T D-rings are provided. The maximum tension can support 9500 pounds.
  • With round fog light holes, accepts factory fog lights, it is compatible with all Jeep Gladiator JT 4-inch fog lights on the market. Comes with RGBW fog lights, more functions and more beautiful.If your vehicle is a Jeep Gladiator JT, you will need 9-inch RGBW headlights to pair with the fog lights. Please search for SKU:SUNPIE-JL-RGBW or SKU:S-Black-JL-RGBW.
  • A winch with a maximum capacity of 12000 lbs can be installed. How to choose the winch size? Jeep Wrangler (Includes Jeep Gladiator JT)/Curb weight 4,012 to 5,268 lbs, You can calculate it by taking the gross vehicle weight and multiplying it by 1.5. This is the minimum rating, but certain factors can make your winch capacity be exceeded.GVWR = Base Weight + Passengers / Cargo. Best winch Size >= GVWR x 1.5.12000 lbs winch can satisfy all Jeep Wranglers.
  • [Product Quality]:The material is make of 5/32" thick low carbon hard steel and 2" x 0.120" precision tolerance steel tube, stiffer, more durable bumpers, advanced level 3 black powder coating, corrosion resistant and durable.

Rear Bumper:

Features & Specs:

Fits 2019-2024 Jeep Gladiator (JT)
Combination of D-rings (The maximum tension can support 9500 pounds) and LED lights
Allows for other color painting
Equipped with wiring harness
With two license plate holes
Groove Design
Strong, Durable, and Corrosion-Resistant Steel
Easy to Install Without Drilling or Cutting

Key Features:

  • Combination of D-rings (The maximum tension can support 9500 pounds) and LED lights:The combination of D-rings and 18W LED lights in a Jeep Gladiator rear bumper provides both practical and aesthetic advantages. D-rings enhance the vehicle's off-road capabilities, while LED lights improve visibility and enhance the Jeep's style. Together, they create a well-rounded accessory that caters to both functionality and appearance.
  • Allows for other color painting:The Jeep Gladiator rear bumper comes standard with red decorative grilles for the side work lights. The package also includes black decorative grilles, which can be swapped out as needed. You can also spray paint the large grille with the logo or the two red grilles in any color you like.
  • Equipped with wiring harness:The package comes with a wiring harness that plugs into the taillights and then into the two work lights on the rear bumper. This allows the work lights to turn on and off in sync with the taillights.
  • With two license plate holes:The Jeep Gladiator JT rear bumper is provided with two license plate holes in the center, which can be used to install license plates.
  • Groove Design:The Jeep Gladiator rear bumper's design features a groove that provides a convenient step for getting in and out of the car from the rear door.
  • Strong, Durable, and Corrosion-Resistant Steel: 5/32" thick low carbon hard steel and 2" x 0.120" precision tolerance steel tube, advanced three-stage black powder coating, corrosion and durabilit.
  • Easy to Install Without Drilling or Cutting: The Jeep Gladiator rear bumper is easy to install without drilling or cutting.Although the Jeep Gladiator rear bumper is easy to install, we recommend that you have a professional do it for you to ensure that it is installed correctly and safely.


2019-2024 Jeep Gladiator (JT)

(Not Suitable for Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU and Jeep wrangler JL/JLU)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A+++++logan rutherford
Great bumper for great price.

Really great bumper so far! Had a bit of a hard time installing it though as it seemed like the bults that come already in the bumper were bent and didn’t want to line up with the holes on the Jeep at all. After some hammering and filing of the holes it finally went on though.

Update: I loved this bumper and I still recommend it to this day. Even though I got in a car accident and this bumper was not salvageable as seen in the photo, I will certainly be getting another one when I get my new Jeep. If it weren’t for this bumper I strongly believe I would of been more injured in this accident. It certainly did a number on the other car as well.

good quality

great quality I had a accident and not even a dent love the look going to have to get one for back

Great Bumper

This bumper has been perfect for everything that I need. I will be installing a winch on it this week, so I will see how it holds up to that. I wired the lights to their own switch so that I could have them on with my bright lights.