Harley Motorcycle Turn Signal Light ( Pack of 2)


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5.Color: 1156 for Amber or 1157 for Red
6.Constant current

  • Harley turn signale lights are our most advanced LED turn signals to date. 1156 led insert featuring a solid billet aluminum base design with an integrated heat-sink cooling the base for added lighting life and performance. The new design allows the turn signal to be perfectly centered and has no extra wiring. As easy as changing a bulb.
  • Each harley davidson led turn signal uses 48 super-bright LEDs to light up the road. They have all of the functions of the stock light. All 48 LED’s turn amber for an incredibly noticeable turn signal.
  • Harley turn signal lights have been designed to make the installation as simple as possible. It is as easy as changing the bulb - Unscrew the lens, take out the dim incandescent bulb, put in the new, bright LED turn signal and put back on the lens. Done. As easy as that!
  • The bliner lights are brighter, more durable and safer than any other LED that came before it. Using more powerful LEDs to form a rear facing LED cluster, it lights up the road behind you in a way that every driver will notice. The cooling integrated heat-sink design allows it to use higher output LEDs for the brightest light possible.
  • For these front motorcycle turn signal led lights, Winunite offer 3 year warranty.
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