4/6/8/12 Pods RGB-W Hexagonal Series Rock Lights Control Box (5-Pin Green)

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  • Our rock lights have two generations, the first generation is RGB series, the second generation is RGBW series. The green 5-pin connector port belongs to the replacement controller for our second generation RGBW hexagonal series underbody lights.
  • No matter if you purchased the hexagonal series rock lights from our Amazon Sunpie store, official website, or Walmart Sunpie store, you can purchase this controller separately for replacement if the controller fails.
  • Please note that when purchasing this replacement controller, you must pay attention to the number of lights connected. The hexagonal series rock lights have controllers that connect 4, 6, 8, and 12 lights respectively. Before purchasing, you must check the number of lights connected to your controller.
  • If your hexagonal series rock lights are the first-generation RGB black 4-pin controller, please search for SKU: DP-K or 4 pin 8 black control.


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