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2018-2024 Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU Front & Rear Bumpers Combo Kits

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Front Bumper:

  • Winch Plate & Hitch Receiver & D-rings - Two solid D-ring shackle mounts are welded into bumpers from the inside and outside for increasing strength. 4.75-ton capacity D-rings (9500lb. rated) included. Front Bumper built-in hitch receiver for up to 9500 lb.
  • NEVER RUSTS- The bumpers have a high-quality textured black powder coat and along with our advanced laser welding technology, prevent rust from occurring.
  • EXTREMELY BRIGHT- Built-in high-power flood beam fog lights. They brighten up the road, perfect for any nighttime adventure.
  • Textured black powder coat finish & Premium E-coating process for 5-year corrosion protection under normal use.
  • Easy to install. No cutting and No drilling are required. Secure directly with screws.
  • 1 x Front Bumper, 4 x LED Lights, 2 x D-rings.

Rear Bumper:

  • Built-in led lamp design: beautiful and elegant. The rear bumper with 2x18W LED aluminum light. LED aluminum lights can not only produce visual beauty but also provide you with lighting and safety on dark roads.
  • Towing capacity: A rear bumper with a 2" receiver hitch allows you to tow trailers, bike racks, and other accessories with your Jeep Wrangler. 
  • Rear bumper material: 5/32" thick low carbon hard steel and 2" x 0.120" precision tolerance steel tube, advanced three-stage black powder coating, corrosion, and durability.
  • With a two-color decorative grid, The default installation is a red decorative grid, and there is a black decorative grid in the package.
  • Front bumpers have two 4.75-ton high-strength D-ring mounting seats welded into the bumper. A total of 2x4.75T D-rings are provided. The maximum tension can support 9500 pounds.
  • Easy to install without drilling or cutting. Follow the instructions to install. Red and black decorative parts can be freely replaced. Make your Wrangler more beautiful. design your vehicle with an attractive appearance.

Fits for: 

Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU (2018-2024) 2-Door/4-Door

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon, Sport, Sport S, Unlimited Moab, Unlimited Rubicon, Unlimited Sahara, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport S
2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon, Sport, Sport S, Unlimited Moab, Unlimited Rubicon, Unlimited Sahara, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport S
2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon, Sport, Sport S, Unlimited Rubicon, Unlimited Sahara, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport S
2021 Jeep Wrangler JL 4xe, 80th Anniversary, Freedom, Islander, Rubicon, Sport, Sport S, Unlimited 80th Anniversary, Unlimited Freedom, Unlimited High Altitude, Unlimited Islander, Unlimited Rubicon, Unlimited Sahara, Unlimited Sahara Altitude, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport Altitude, Unlimited Sport S, Unlimited Willys, Unlimited Willys Sport, Willys, Willys Sport
2022 Jeep Wrangler JL SPORT 4X4, Unlimited SPORT 4X4, Willys Sport 4X4, Unlimited Willys Sport 4X4, Sport S 4X4, Unlimited Sport S 4X4, Willys 4X4, Unlimited Willys 4X4, Unlimited Sport Altitude 4x4, Unlimited Sahara 4X4, Rubicon 4X4, Unlimited Rubicon 4X4, Unlimited Sahara Altitude 4X4, Unlimited High Altitude 4X4, Unlimited Rubicon 392, Sahara 4Xe, Rubicon 4Xe, High Altitude 4Xe.
2023 Jeep Wrangler JL Freedom 2 Door 4x4, Freedom 4 Door, High Altitude 4 Door 4x4, Rubicon 2 Door 4x4, Rubicon 4 Door 4x4, Rubicon Farout 4 Door 4x4, Sahara 4 Door 4x4, Sahara Altitude 4 Door 4x4, Sport 4 Door 4x4, Sport 2 Door 4x4, Sport 4 Door 4x4 RHD, Sport Altitude 4 Door 4x4, Sport S 2 Door 4x4, Sport S 4 Door 4x4, Willys 2 Door 4x4, Willys 4 Door 4x4, Willys Sport 2 Door 4x4, Willys Sport 4 Door 4x4.
2024 Sport/Sport S/Willys 2-door, Sport/Sport S/Willys 4-door, Rubicon/Rubicon X 2-door, Sahara 4-door, Rubicon/Rubicon X 4-door, Sport S 4xe, Willys 4xe, Sahara 4xe, Rubicon/Rubicon X 4xe, High Altitude 4xe, Rubicon 392

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rick Nehls

purchased and installed, 1/12/2022, now 2023 and it's still great!
I chose this bumper for the price and light weight, because with a 12000 LB winch mounted, I didn't want a lot of added weight on the front end when rock climbing.
been on trails from SD through Utah besides driving through brush and small trees here in Fl. and it is holding up very well, finish is a bit scuffed up, but the lights still work and there's no major dings.

mike Hapsas
Solid bumper for a very fair price.

I installed this myself. Honestly the worst part was removing the factory bumper. Installing this was straight forward and fairly simple. I even hooked up the lights to the back-up lights. Overall I'd say that this bumper is well made and a good value. I would buy it again.

Rick Nehls
Great bumper for the price

You might have to use a rubber mallet to knock the bolts around a bit to line up with holes but other than that it was easy to install…much easier than taking off the old bumper with rusted bolts