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Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper with Winch Plate 5 LED Lights for JK JKU JL JLU Jeep Gladiator JT

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  • Fits 2007-2024 Wrangler JK JKU/JL JLU and 2019-2024 Jeep Gladiator JT
  • A winch with a maximum capacity of 12000 lbs can be installed. How to choose the winch size? Jeep Wrangler (Includes Jeep Gladiator JT)/Curb weight 4,012 to 5,268 lbs, You can calculate it by taking the gross vehicle weight and multiplying it by 1.5. This is the minimum rating, but certain factors can make your winch capacity be exceeded.GVWR = Base Weight + Passengers / Cargo. Best winch Size >= GVWR x 1.5.12000lbs winch can satisfy all Jeep Wranglers.
  • With a two-color decorative grid, The default installation is a red decorative grid, and there is a black decorative grid in the package.
  • Front bumper material: 5/32" thick low carbon hard steel and 2" x 0.120" precision tolerance steel tube, advanced three-stage black powder coating, corrosion, and durability.
  • Built-in led lamp design: beautiful and elegant. The front bumper is equipped with 1x144W LED aluminum light + 2x20W LED aluminum lights + 2x18W LED aluminum lights, LED aluminum lights can not only produce visual beauty but also provide you with lighting and safety on dark roads.
  • Front bumpers have two 4.75-ton high-strength D-ring mounting seats welded into the bumper. A total of 2x4.75T D-rings are provided. The maximum tension can support 9500 pounds.
  • Easy to install. No cutting and No drilling are required, The package includes a wiring harness for installing the front bumper work lights.Secure directly with screws.


    Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU (2007-2018) 2-Door/4-Door
    Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU (2018-2024) 2-Door/4-Door
    Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU 4xe plug-in hybrid (2021-2024)
    Jeep Gladiator JT (2019-2024)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Neal White
    Great Buy

    Easy to install and wire!! Looks GREAT and has been a fantastic upgrade to our Jeep!!

    Great look but a couple qualifications

    Great bumper and very easy to install. I'm loving the new look.
    A couple points... The stock skid plate will not go back on without some extra work. I had to cut (3) 2 inch notches at the top of the skid plate and it slid right on. The plastic protector will not go back on at all but that's ok. Second point, it would be awesome if the lights were dimmable somehow. They are insanely bright. I was hoping to use them to replace the old fog lights but feel like I'd be a jerk if I drove around with these. Minor points that might help in the future! Otherwise, you'll love this bumper.

    A+++++logan rutherford
    Excellent Bumper, saved my Jeep in an accident

    This bumper is legit. Have had it for over a year. It’s very sturdy (and heavy), and rugged as hell. I was so impressed with it that I actually bought a second one after someone cut me off causing me to hit them at about 25mph. This thing saved my entire Jeep. Besides the bumper, there was zero damage to the entire front end, frame, etc. The bumper did its job and absorbed the impact, crumpling just a bit upwards. It could be pulled back out and repainted, but for the price of this bumper I just bought a new one. Very durable and worth it. Like I said, it singlehandedly saved my Jeep.

    Only negative is that the bully bar is screwed into the bumper with allen screws. This is a design flaw and should instead be welded like the other comparable models.

    Víctor Ocampo
    Amazing Bumpers

    These bumpers are incredibly sturdy and provide a lot of extra protection to my Jeep. They weren’t too difficult to install as long as you have an extra person or two to help hold them up due to their weight. Well worth the money! If you are contemplating getting them, I highly suggest you go for it. They look sweet and serve a purpose.

    B. Anderson
    Great bumper, very strong. Great company support

    Great bumper, had two of these, the first one had a defect and the company was quick to replace and very helpful. Unfortunately, I got to test out the sturdiness of the bumper with the side of a Subaru outback. It held up well enough and definitely prevented some damage on my end. Ordered a new one to replace the crashed one.