SUNPIE 7" RGB Halo Rotating Headlights Control box (3 holes)

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Special Reminder:

If only 7" headlights or only fog lights, you Just need to buy RGB Rotating Headlight Control box.

if headlights + fog lights Combo Kits, please choose

RGB Rotating Headlights + Rotating Fog Lights Combo Kis.


Fit RGB Rotating LED Headlights and RGB Rotating Fog lights (RGB Rotating headlights and fog lights No remote control )

If you buy RGB Halo Rotating Headlights + RGB Halo Rotating fog lights Combo Kits, please choose Combo Kits.

Not fit RGB LED Rock Lights.

Not fit RGB Halo Headlights and RGB Halo Fog Lights.

Fits All RGB Halo Rotating Headlights.

How do you choose controller?

Our LED lights are divided into regular products and RGB products, regular products no need controller and remote control, only RGB lights need controller, RGB lights controller wiring has three holes, four holes and five holes, so check your wiring holes.

See the picture:

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